Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is Owl3D?
Owl3D is a free app to create and enjoy 3D images and videos in the Oculus Quest. The app automatically turns your images and videos into 3D. You can view the 3D content and share them with the community.
Q: Where can I download the Owl3D VR app?
You can download the app from Oculus Quest Store (App Lab).
Q: What is Owl3D Plus?
It is an effective way to support our small team financially via a recurring subscription. In return, you will receive more daily upload quotas and have bigger private storage.
Owl3D Plus is currently in theEarly Supporterstage. We use the fund to develop the app, the AI system, and the backend infrastructure.
Q: How much does Owl3D Plus cost?
Owl3D Plus costs USD 7.99 per month.
Q: What do I get for signing up with Owl3D Plus?
Currently, you get the following:
✅ 300,000 private image storage.
✅ 300 uploads per day.
✅ Early access to new features.
✅ Invitation to a supporter-exclusive Discord channel.
More features are coming!
Q: Where can I sign up for Owl3D Plus?
You can sign up here.
Q: What happens if I've used all my private image storage?
You can still upload new images, and your old images remain in My Space. However, new images will expire after seven days. To keep these images, you can remove unwanted images to create more space or upgrade to Owl3D Plus for bigger private storage.
Q: What happens to my images if I cancel the Owl3D Plus subscription?
All your images remain in My Space. However, if you've exceeded the free storage limit, new images will expire after seven days.