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Owl3D 1.2.1 Update: Minimized Background Distortion

Aug 15, 2023 10:32 PM
We are excited to announce our latest product update, Owl3D 1.2.1, marking another step in our journey to create the best 3D viewing experiences. This update focuses on a significant aspect of improving 3D quality — minimizing background distortion while generating 3D views. Let's delve into the specifics.

An Improved 3D Rendering: Clearer & Sharper Images

By comparing the two images below, one can easily spot the difference in the quality of our 3D rendering.
notion image
The first image was generated using version 1.1.4. Here, you'll notice slight distortions surrounding the pillars and the area around the lion. These distortions, while might seem minute, can create blurry visuals when they are light and become more noticeable when they intensify.
On the other hand, the second image, generated by the newly updated 1.2.1 version, shows markedly reduced distortions. This enhancement leads to a much clearer and sharper image while enjoying your 3D content.
Check out the full video here:
Processed by 1.1.4 (Old build)
Processed by 1.2.1 (Latest build)

Pixel Shifting: A New Approach to Minimizing Distortion

To tackle the distortion issue, we have introduced a way to shift pixels around frames to fill the gaps created when generating 3D views. The traditional approach used neighboring pixels to fill these gaps, leading to stretched and distorted pixels. This phenomenon, known within the community as the 'long-nose' or 'halo effect', compromised the 3D viewing quality.
Our new pipeline diverges from this traditional approach. Instead of artificially creating 'fake' pixels, we now utilize real pixels from across frames to fill these gaps first. We only resort to 'fake' pixels when necessary and ensure they make the image look more realistic and less distorted.
While this new pipeline represents a significant improvement, it's still a work in progress. Future versions will offer options to use higher-accuracy (but slower) models to further enhance 3D quality. We are also planning to introduce an AI inpainting model, which will remove the need for 'fake' pixels by using AI to predict and recreate the missing content.

Additional Features: Customizing Your 3D Experience

notion image
In addition to minimizing distortion, Owl3D 1.2.1 introduces settings to adjust the 3D strength and pop-out effects. The 3D strength setting allows you to control the depth of your video, while the pop-out effects let you determine how much the foreground should extend out from the screen. These additional features allow you to customize your 3D viewing experience to match your preferences.
As we continue to innovate and improve, we appreciate your support and feedback. Enjoy the clearer, sharper, and better 3D experience with Owl3D 1.2.1!